Lynsey's Motor Company

The Brief:

"I don't know what I want other than a functional and easy to use car dealer website" is not the usual brief we receive, however in some ways it gave us carte blanche to create something we thought and hoped would be perfect for our client, Lynsey's Motor Company.

The starting point was building a Wordpress platform website which included car listing pages, comparison functions, car finance calculation and many other complex back end functions that ensure the site runs seamlessly, we created the logo which captured the core value of the clients company which is "Quality used car aimed at the first time driver/buyer", we have also built the Facebook page and designed all the stationary for the client.

We contine to work with this client uploading details of new stock on a weekly basis.

Client Feedback:

Quite simply amazing! I had no idea of what i wanted other than a car dealer website, and Swickle took the project on and some how managed to create something that is not only functional but beautiful, if i had of had a brief then it would of been what was created for me. The site is so clean and user friendly which gives my customers a great experience when they are searching for a used car. To say i am overwhelmed by the work Swickle has done for me is an understatement and i highly recommend them to anyone wishing to have an amazing web presence.

Lynsey Yankauer - Owner, Lynsey's Motor Company.

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Client: Lynsey's Motor Company