Gourmade Ready Meals

The Brief:

To make frozen cool!

We created a joyfully bold identity for premium, frozen ready-meal brand Gourmade, lighting a fire in the freezer aisle with minimaist high colour, high impact design that stands out from the crowd.

The main advantage to frozen is convenience. Research showed that while frozen is a category in growth amongst many demographics, it was baby boomers in particular that favoured its low-fuss appeal. Our strategy was to empower these people to spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the new found freedom of their golden years. This inspired the name ‘Gourmade’ and strapline, ‘Live More. Cook Less

Client Feedback:

We’re frankly amazed at the response we’re getting! Gourmade has fantastic shoppability and stands out with an irresistible personality that balances quality and charisma. We couldn’t be happier.

Glenn Devilish - Co-Founder, Gourmade.

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Client: Gourmade

Website: Gourmade.com